Dorothy Macardle – Further Reading and Resources

For the most up-to-date consideration of Macardle’s life and work, see Leeann Lane’s new biography Dorothy Macardle, published by UCD Press in 2019.

Dorothy Macardle’s entry in the Dictionary of Irish Biography here.

In 2018, Kilmainham Gaol held an exhibition entitled Unsurrendered Spirits: The Prison Writings of Dorothy Macardle from 17th April 2018 to 30 September 2018) on the work of Dorothy Macardle which you can read more about here.

Macardle’s Kilmainham prison diaries and other materials are held in the UCD Archives and can be found in the UCDA P150/1658 Papers of Éamonn De Valera.

Works by Dorothy Macardle

As Macardle’s works remain under copyright, below is a list of links to her a selection of her works available in the National Library of Ireland.

Earthbound: Nine Stories of Ireland. Dublin: Emton Press, 1924. Republished by Dublin-based, Swan River Press in 2016.

Tragedies of Kerry, 1922-23. Emton Press: Dublin, 1924.

The Seed Was Kind. London: Peter Davies, 1944.

Uneasy Freehold. [S.l.]: Davies, 1944. (Republished by Dublin’s Tramp Press under the original U.S. title, The Uninvited, in 2015.)

Without Fanfares: Some Reflections on the Republic of Eire. Dublin: M.H. Gill, 1946.

The Irish Republic: a Documented Chronicle of the Anglo-Irish Conflict and the Partitioning of Ireland, with a Detailed Account of the Period 1916-1923. London: Gollancz, 1937.

The Unforeseen. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday & Company, 1946. Republished in 2017 by Dublin’s Tramp Press.

Macardle, Dorothy, and Kalman Landau. Children of Europe: A Study of the Children of Liberated Countries; Their War-time Experiences, Their Reactions, and Their Needs, With a Note On Germany. London: Gollanez, 1949.

Dark Enchantment. [S.l.]: P. Davies, 1953. Republished in 2019 by Dublin’s Tramp Press.

Podcast: Listen back to this recent fascinating discussion about Dorothy Macardle between National Library of Ireland’s Poet in Residence Dr. Julie Morrissy and author, activist and academic Dr. Susan Cahill. (2021)

The Dorothy Macardle Archive and Performance Project by Sharon Mc Ardle and Declan Gorman (2018 – current).

A trailer for the very successful 1944 film adaptation of The Uninvited (the US title of Macardle’s Uneasy Freehold) can be viewed here.

Further Reading

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Featured Image: Group photograph of members of the Women Writers’ Club with Dorothy Macardle (Front Row, Second from the Right). Reproduced by kind permission of UCD-OFM Partnership. UCD Archives. P150/PH/3664/4.

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